As the parents of a Division I athlete, we have a good idea what It takes to make it to the next level.  Aside from the athletes personal sacrifice, the family’s sacrifices, and the time and financial considerations, you need to surround your athlete with the best available people.   Bruce Bowers and the trainers at Acceleration Plus are just such people.  They helped our daughter become stronger, faster, more flexible, and less likely to sustain injury.   They cared about our daughter and her goals and structured a training regimen that helped her achieve those goals.

Parents Division One Scholarship Athlete

Preparation is the key, and essential when it comes to achieving your dreams. My time at Acceleration plus was influential in aiding my pursuit to do what had not been done before in the NFL.  I own a debt of gratitude to Coach Bowers and his training methods!  His knowledge and dedication to his athletes young and old is unquestionable.


Bruce is one of the first people I turn to with questions about athletic performance.  He has been helping our program, both in administering performance tests and simply advising, since I arrived at Rutgers 11 years ago."

Glenn Crooks Head Womans Soccer Coach Rutgers University-Gerard-Collins

"I've known and coached with Coach Bowers for the last 15 years. His dedication to improvement and innovative techniques set him apart from other strength and conditioning coaches. As a friend and coworker, I've witnessed him propel clients forward by helping develop skills in many different areas."

Tom Scott
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Lake Highland Preparatory School
Former Rutgers Strength and Conditioning Coach
Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach - Chicago Red Stars Womans Professional Soccer Team

I’m writing this note of thanks based on my son’s experience at Acceleration Plus The Acceleration Plus experience is unique for many reasons among them are the state of the art training techniques, the comfortable and friendly yet challenging training environment and the client centered focus provided on an affordable basis. Acceleration Plus is certainly not a “take a ticket” gym where a client gets the trainer on duty that day. Each client at Acceleration Plus gets individualized attention and a personalized work out plan to achieve their training goals.

As a three sport high school athlete this was critical for my son both in terms getting a training regiment that advanced his long term goals of improving strength and speed but at the same time was harmonious with his day to day athlete performance. I recall countless times that my son worked out at your gym after baseball games or Sunday mornings following football games or any other available time that made sense based on his schedule. He was able to accomplish this because of your interest and flexibility.

All the hard work has been worth it. My son has gone from a skinny 8th grader who ran the forty in over five seconds to a Division 1 football player at a great school and now runs a sub 4.5 forty. Much of his success as an All –State football and baseball player and a college athlete is attributable to his experience at Acceleration Plus.

Again, thank you for all your efforts on his behalf,


“My daughter has been training at Acceleration Plus for six years. She plays softball and has excelled at the highest levels of competition and continues to play in college due to instruction she has received from Bruce Bowers. I am pleased not only with her growth as an athlete but also with what she has learned about health and fitness, which will last her a lifetime.”

"Working with Bruce and the Acceleration Plus staff has given my players that extra edge we look for on the playing field.  My players have improved their speed and explosiveness which has allowed us to stay competitive year in and year out.  One of the main reasons I continue to work with Acceleration Plus is how they set up their program to work.

Scott Miller
David Brearley High School
Supervisor of Athletics, Health and Physical Education
Eight Years
Record: 70-16
8 Straight Play-Off appearances
4 Conference Championships
1 State Championship

GYM: 908-222-9700
CELL: 908-447-8758