Works in Progress

The Athlete pictured here is an All American Baseball Player who has developed the habit of running with his upper body in the Acceleration position all the time.

We have explained to him that upper body position is fine for acceleration, but to attain maximum velocity, we need to get his hips under his shoulders so basically we can draw a line from his ankle to his knees and through his shoulders.

Next to the Athlete is our model runner in the ideal position.

Notice in this Athlete the space between his knee at impact. We are working to shorten his backside mechanics along with developing a pulling motion from the thigh block position to close that gap. We find the younger athletes are generally easier to break of old habits.

The more times you repeat a movement the harder it becomes to detrain that movement and retrain the athlete to perform the correct movement patterns.

This lacrosse player came to us with reasonable running form. The main emphasis of training with him has been focused on developing negative leg action to develop that sensation of being pulled down the track.

Using a combination of our B march series along with assorted plyometrics and resistance training targeting the posterior chain, we will be able to get him faster which will translate into improved performance on the Lacrosse field.

The athlete pictured here has tremendous athletic ability - he recently performed a standing 40" vertical at our facility. He is looking to make the transition from Basketball to Football. With him, we need to get his hips up under his shoulders similar to our All American Baseball Player, but not quite as dramatic.

We are currently working with this High School Baseball Player on getting his hips up under his shoulder and from there, we can move on to correcting some other faults he has such as heel strike on first ground contact.

We find sometimes by correcting one fault, other faults are also corrected.

At Acceleration Plus, we teach Maximum Velocity Techniques first and then move on to the Transition and finally into the Acceleration Phase of Running.

Our Baseball Player is simulating his 1st to 2nd base stealing technique Here we are working with the Athlete on the Acceleration Phase of running. We like his upper body position chest over shoulders and would like to see his head a little more uprite. The most glaring fault we see here is the neutral shin angle he displays. To be able to accelerate properly, the shin must be pointing back towards the starting position. From this position, you are able to push against the ground and accelerate forward with optimum power.

Again, our athlete is in the Acceleration phase, his shin is better but still not at the angle we would like to see it.

Although his shoulders are past his knees, we need to get his posture into a more uprite position.

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